Biotech (Track 3)

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Learn successful approaches to identify the tools available to drive effective biotech facility utilisation in this uncertain environment. Whether you are in a strategic planning position or responsible for the tactical execution to deliver on that strategy, this conference track will provide you with guidance and real-life experience examples from experts who have tackled these issues. The topics discussed will include facility trends, new aspects in facility design, capacity utilisation, equipment trends including improved flexibility and use of disposables. Delivery systems will be examined and an outlook on personalised medicines and the impact on regulatory compliance will be provided. (Download the agenda ( 207 KB))

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • See the right strategies for driving effective biotech facility utilisation through the use of a variety of tools
  • Address challenges and take advantage of scientific progress resulting in new products coming to patients
  • Stay current within the biotech industry
  • Effectively plan and utilise costly manufacturing assets


  • Bernd Sennhenn, Head LU GPRD Maintenance & Engineering, Abbott GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  • Carl Jones, Manufacturing Science & Technology, MedImmune UK, United Kingdom

Some of the Sessions will cover: 

Facility Design and Equipment Trends

Challenging the Cleanroom Paradigm for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing of Bulk Drug Substances
Scott Probst, Process Engineer, Bayer Technology Services, USA

Drug Product Manufacturing –Needs of R&D
Carsten Jahn, Head Clinical Supply Operations Parenterals, Global Supply Chain Management, Abbott, Germany

Equipment Needs of R&D organizations, developing sterile dosage forms for parenteral administration are described and compared with solutions vendors are currently offering. R&D and future trend commercial requirements for manufacturing equipment of parenteral dosage forms are defined and concepts for potential solutions are discussed and proposed.

New approaches in Filling Equipments
Klaus Ullherr, Product Manager, Bosch, Germany

Trends in Freeze Drying and Freeze Drying Equipment
Gerhard Schilder, Business Development Manager, Hof Sonderanlagenbau, Germany

Single Use Systems

Single Use Technology in Filling Lines – New Approaches
Carole Langlois, Global Product Manager, Sartorius, France

Process Validation

Applying the Process Validation Lifecycle in Biotech
Wendy Zwolenski-Lambert, Director, Pharma Business Support, Abbott Laboratories, USA

Validation of Single Use Filling Systems
Franziska Dreesmann, Bosch, Germany

Ian Rees, Expert Inspector GMP, MHRA, United Kingdom