Oral Solid Dosage and Containment
(Track 1)

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This session will provide input on Granulation and Compression processes and methods to improve your processes efficiency, containment of powders during processing and limiting occupational exposure levels. Regulatory issues around OSD processing will be presented. In addition, the topics of equipment setup and lessons learned for successful Granulation will also be presented. (Download the agenda ( 17 KB))

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the two components of OSD processing methodology, Granulation and Compression
  • Process potent and highly hazardous products in a contained manner during these same process steps
  • Assure product quality levels while eliminating the risk of cross contamination
  • Evaluate the risks associated with various strategies


  • Paul Egee, IMA North America and Malcolm Cunningham, ILC Dover LP, USA

Some of the sessions will cover: 

OSD Process Overview
Guia Bertuzzi, Product Manager, IMA SpA - IMA Active Division, Italy
Paul Egee, IMA North America and Malcolm Cunningham, ILC Dover LP, USA

Why Overweight Tablets are not Going Away
Fred Rowley, Owner/Principal, Aveta Life Science, USA

Setting the Stage for Containment in OSD Processing - Knowing What Questions to Ask and How Containment can be Matched to your Process
Justin Mason, Managing Director, European Operations, SafeBridge, United Kingdom

Contained Compression
Jorge Gierds, Marketing Manager, FETTE Ltd., Germany

Operational Aspects of Contained Multi-product OSD Facilities
Clemens Stief, Director, GMS  -  New Products Pharma Therapeutics, Germany

The presentation addresses management processes and handling aspects on how to maintain and operate a high containment development facility especially focusing on environmental , health and safety requirements.