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Maintaining and Optimizing Supply Networks (Track 2)

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Track Leaders

  • Nick Davies, CEO & Principal Consultant, NDA Consultants, USA
  • Gary Primes, Vice President of Operations, PURE Bioscience, USA

Session 1 - Current Challenges and Threats to Developing an efficient Supply Network - Joint Session

Creating a Sustainable Advantage in Pharmaceutical Source Development
Thomas Eckrich, Director, Chemical Product Research and Development, Eli Lilly & Co., USA

How Well Connected is the Pharma Supply Chain Network?
Nick Davies, CEO & Principal Consultant, NDA Consultants, USA

Roundtable Discussion

Session 2 – Insuring Reliable Supplies

Positioning Inventory in Clinical Trial Supply Chains
Yao Zhao, PhD, Department of Supply Chain Management and Marketing Science Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, USA

Leveraging Cloud and Enterprise 2.0 to Securely Supply Every Global Market Opportunity On-Time, In-Full
Shabbir Dahod, President & CEO, Tracelink, Inc., USA

Session 3 – Quality Expectations and Challenges in the Global Supply Network - Joint Session

Managing CMOs from a Customer's Perspective
Bill Connell, Vice President & Supply Chain Practice Leader, Maxiom Group, USA

Incentives for Local Manufacture: The Regulatory and Business Landscape
Guy Villax, CEO, Hovione, USA

Question & Answer Session

Session 4 – Maintaining Supply Security

E-Pedigree and Serialization
Bill Bonaccorsi, Director of Marketing and Product Management, Domino North America, USA

Maintaining Chain of Custody Through Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility
Barry Conlon, CEO, FreightWatch International, USA

Session 5 – Global Market Case Studies

Technology Transfer - Lessons Learned
Carla Reed, President, New Creed, LLC, USA

Overcoming External Obstacles to Maintain Uninterrupted Supply
Bob DiVasto, PE, Vice President, Manufacturing and Supply, Cadence Pharmaceuticals, USA

Are Your Fundamental Supply Chain Processes Working Against You? Do You Have the Right Ones in Place? If Not, Change Them!
Brian Guillett, Consultant, NDA Consulting, USA

Question and Answer Session

Session 6 – Trends and Technologies

Safe Supplies: Technology Approaches to Thwarting Disruption
Sharon Flank, PhD, CEO, InfraTrac, USA

Regulatory Challenges in a Global Supply Network
Francis Godwin, Compliance Officer FDA/CDER/DMPQ, USA

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