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Industry Testimonials

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The CPIP program is closed to new candidates from Nov 30, 2013

“I pursued the CPIP because I felt that my industry experience and history in the industry made me worthy of the credential. Receiving the CPIP was a way for me to validate that my understanding and knowledge gained from my experience was real and meaningful. In addition, I felt that the CPIP would give me more of a ‘voice’ and more credibility with industry professionals and my clients that will result in my ability to contribute to the industry and to continue to grow from my involvement in exciting projects and consulting opportunities as a SME in my field of knowledge.”

“There many personal and professional benefits gained from receiving the CPIP. It really is another ‘achievement’ that will open up the possibilities within one’s career for being part of meaningful opportunities throughout the industry that require people having more diversity in knowledge. These opportunities will keep a professional’s career more vital and energized as they contribute to and help achieve improvements to the product development, engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, and management aspects of the evolving global pharmaceutical industry.”

- Sam DeMarco, CPIP, President Compliance Team Inc, United States

“We have used my CPIP as part of our statement of qualifications for our firm when competing for work related to the biopharmaceutical industry. I feel that the credential has given our firm greater credibility as an expert in the industry.”

- Damian Gerstner, CPIP, Computer Compliance President, Sys-Tek, United States

“I encourage young professionals to prepare to obtain this professional certification as a launching pad to augment their careers and provide balanced education across the broad discipline of the life sciences/pharmaceutical industry. Smaller companies require this broad industry knowledge ("wearing many different hats" so to speak) to be successful and progress to more senior positions as the company grows over time. Larger companies will benefit for the same reasons and the expanded understanding of different disciplines applying regulations in similar ways.”

- Scott Gochnour, CPIP, Executive Director/ Transdermal Development, Watson Laboratories Inc., United States

Sam DeMarco, CPIP, President Compliance Team Inc, United States

"I believe that the credential has made me more confident and I feel that my clients engage me in more philosophical discussions on pharmaceutical industry subject matter. I get the sense that my clients 'listen' to me in a more serious 'in tune' way."

Marc Fleischman, CPIP, Facility and Verification Engineer, Genzyme, a Sanofi Company

"I chose to pursue the CPIP certification as a way to learn new phases of the industry and to codify my existing knowledge. As I prepared and studied for the exam, I was challenged to develop a broader understanding of many industry concepts that I had not been routinely exposed to. The experience has left me with a deep understanding of GMP regulation and broad industry knowledge across the entire bio/pharm lifecycle."