Containment Technology Forum: Basics and Beyond (E06)

24-25 February
CEUs: 1.2
(2 CM Points Awarded for Industrial Hygienists;
Award #09-3708)
  • Two tracks or day one: Fundamental
  • Together or day two: Intermediate
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Current as of 06 January 2010
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Planned and Implemented by the ISPE Containment Community of Practice (COP)

Facing pharmaceutical containment challenges? Whether you are looking for basic information or a more detailed level of understanding on challenges and solutions for contained powder processing, this seminar provides up-to-date information on hazardous compound handling processes. On the first day, you can attend either a fundamental or intermediate track. Either prepares you to get the most out of a second day packed with case studies. Take away a better understanding of implementation of containment systems and strategies that are based on real world experience. Don’t miss opportunities to hear from, and network with, industry experts in the field of containment.

Effective process and equipment design as well as effective containment practices at the shop floor level will protect product from cross-contamination as well as providing operator protection. Seminar topics include containment basics, occupational exposure values, hierarchy of control, technology examples, contained sampling, and effective measurement/ testing methods. Day two will include case studies on various types of facilities, and will illustrate concepts in practice.

Hear the FDA’s perspective, and participate in a Q&A session on risk-based approaches for multi-product facilities and highlyhazardous compound containment topics.

This seminar is designed for process and plant engineers, quality and health and safety professionals, and production managers, among others, and will provide a basic understanding of powder containment concepts as well as fresh engineering solutions.

How You Will Benefit

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize that different types of toxicology limits are set for worker, product, and environmental protection
  • Recognize or describe the following containment concepts: Contain at the source; Containment challenge; Material migration; and Risk
  • Identify containment technologies and their position in the containment hierarchy
  • Recognize applications of hierarchy of containment solutions to real-world containment challenges
  • Describe how other industry professionals solved containment challenges
  • Understand new technologies available and how they impact containment and cross-contamination

Who Should Attend

Project/process/manufacturing engineers, environment and health/safety professionals, quality assurance, professionals from production/manufacturing operations, professionals from process development, owner/operator, consultants, and CMOs



    Communities of Practice (COPs)


    CPIP™ Knowledge Elements

    This Webinar relates to the following CPIP™ Knowledge Elements:

    • 1. Product Development
      • C. Production scale-up and optimization
    • 2. Facilities and Equipment
      • A. Design and construction/installation
      • C. Operation and maintenance
    • 5. Production Systems
      • A. Production unit operations - drug (small molecule) and biologics
    • 6. Regulatory Compliance (Drugs, Env., Health, and Safety)
      • A. Government regulations
      • B. Standards, practices, and guides

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