January/February 2000 Volume 20, Number 1



Plant-Centric Integration -- A Value Proposition for Pharmaceuticals
by David E. Woll
This article discusses a proposal for business unification and information empowerment that supports those requirements.
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The Problem of over Regulation
by John Tashijan
This article reviews and recommends ten common problems encountered during a pharmaceutical project.
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In Search of a New Project Management Model
by J. Philip Southerland
Construction management to shorten delivery schedule for pharmaceutical facilities while maintaining quality and budget.
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Automation’s Evolving Role in the Pharmaceutical Industry
by Baha Korkmaz, Lou Pillai
This article discusses the benefits of manufacturing automation based upon industry standards to optimize the product life cycle cost for the pharmaceutical industry.
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An Introduction to the ISPE Baseline® Guides
This article was developed by the ISPE Technical Documents Steering Committee to help explain the rationale behind the development of the ISPE Baseline® Guides, what’s in the Guides, and how they relate to one another.
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Using the IDEF as a Facility Planning Tool
by Mary Ellen Champion
How to use a graphic tool, the IDEF, to program the design of a parenteral facility.
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by Janice Abel, Peter Martin
This article describes recent advances in strategic management and process automation that will help companies maintain their competitive edge in the turbulent global economy.
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