January/February 2001 Volume 21, Number 1



Integrated Strategic Planning: New Horizons for Infrastructure
by David M. Jonik, Gary D. Anderson
The process of physical planning should provide a means of advancing strategic corporate goals, leading to sustainable campus design that integrates facilities, infrastructure, process and aesthetics.
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Application of a Capability Study to a Syringe Filling Operation (Part 2 of 2)
by Peter A. Hugunin
Part 2 illustrates how data is collected, transformed into information about the equipment or process, and this information itself into productive knowledge.
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Building the Perfect Batch
by William N. Gracely, Alan Karner, Richard E. Parapar
Development of batch management applications based on process modeling and software propagation.
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Applied Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry
by Michelle M. Gonzalez
Engineering and technology acronyms as applied to the Biopharmaceutical industry.
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Leak Testing of Isolator Half-Suits and Waste Containers
by Thomas P. Burns
This article illustrates the use of an inflation plate and a modified pressure can to ammonia test isolator half suits and waste containers.
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