January/February 2004 Volume 24, Number 1



API Chemical Synthesis Trends in Reactor Heat Transfer Design
by Stephen Hall, Andy Stoker
This article explores basic and advanced concepts, presents some calculations, and compares different methods for controlling heat transfer systems.
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An Introduction to Process Analytical Technology
by Nissan Cohen
A historical account of Process Analytical Technology and its adoption in pharmaceutical processing.
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Next Generation Chart Recorders: Part 11 in a Box
by Matthew Bothe
With the multitude of challenges facing the Food and Drug Industry, compliance to 21 CFR, Part 11 need not be a difficult one, particularly with the advancement of the Smart Chart Recorder.
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The Influence of Bottomed Trays on Sublimation Rates
by Ed Trappler, Timothy Gentilcore, Wendy Sunderland
This article discusses the effects that stainless steel bottomed trays have on the heat transfer process during primary drying.
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Use PAT to Gain a Fundamental Understanding of Your Process and then Move Forward to Knowledge Development
by Jean-Marie Geoffroy
This article describes a holistic approach to Process Analytical Technology (PAT).
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Advances in Bioreactor Agitation
by Mark Brothers, Tony Kocienski, Bill Smith, Brad Yundt
As the heart of the bioreactor system, agitators must be designed differently at production scale than pilot scale.
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Surface Modification of Polymeric Contrast Agents for Cancer Targeting
by Justin Lathia, Margaret A. Wheatley, Nikhil O. Dhoot, Dalia El-Sherif
This article discusses the fundamentals of ultrasound contrast agents including new innovations like targeted imaging.
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