July/August 2000 Volume 20, Number 4



Efficient Allocation of Construction Risk in Engineering
by Richard W. Pearse
This article discusses key economic considerations when negotiating the terms and conditions of a contract with an engineering company to design, procure, build, and assist with validation of a pharmaceutical facility.
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Creating Manufacturing Excellence Through Cycle Time Reduction
by Rafi Maslaton
This article discusses the importance of cycle time in achieving manufacturing excellence, contributors to overall cycle time, a methodology of how to reduce cycle time, and a summary.
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Transfer Panel Design: Aseptic Solution Handling in Biopharmaceutical Facilities
by Ed Louie, Bruce Williams
This article discusses the key considerations when designing transfer panels for large-scale aseptic solution handling.
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Process Design Considerations for Large-Scale Chromatography of Biologics
by Robert F. Dream
This article discusses process development, process design, and operations concepts of large-scale chromatography systems used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
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Optimizing the Clinical Drug Product Supply Chain for Phase III Clinical Trials
by Charles F. Carney
This article presents some optimizing practices for supplying investigational drug products to the clinics, which support clinical drug product development and medical research.
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Support Planning with the Aid of Computer Simulation
by Konstantin Bluemel
This case study presents how one pharmaceutical manufacturer used computer simulation to decide whether to renovate its existing packaging facility or build new.
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