July/August 2001 Volume 21, Number 4



An Interview with the Founders of Clark
by Doyle Clark, Gerry Richardson, Jeff Biskup
The founders of CRB, Doyle Clark, Gerry Richardson, and Jeff Biskup, discuss the changes they have seen in the industry and challenges they see for the future.
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The Use of Airflow Modelling in the Design of Pharmaceutical Containment Systems
by Andrew Ramsden
An exploration into the use of Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD), during the design of containment solutions.
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Barrier Isolation Technology: A Safe and Effective Solution for Providing Pharmaceutical Development Facilities
by Daniel Liberman, Christopher Lockwood, Mary McConnell-Meachen, Eugene J. McNally, Hank Rahe, Kevin Shepard, Glenn Snow
This article describes the use of barrier isolator technology to contain potent compounds during pharmaceutical dosage form development.
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The Changing Face of Engineering for Major Capital Projects
by Joseph Hettenbach
This article explores how better relationships between customers and engineering design companies result in improved quality, better performance, and a cost-effective process.
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Pharmaceutical Glossary: C-E
by Michelle M. Gonzalez
Part Two (C-E) of a glossary that can be viewed in its entirety on the ISPE Web site
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Fast to Phase I Clinical Trials: A Comparison of In-House GMP Manufacturing and Clinical Trial Site Pharmacy Compounding
by Charles F. Carney, Eugene J. McNally
A comparison of compounding in the clinic and optimized GMP processes leads to the conclusion that each process has merits and is acceptable for Phase I supplies preparation and control.
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