March/April 2002 Volume 22, Number 2



Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Challenges
by Arthur St. Onge, Sean O. O
This article investigates the dual challenges to the Pharmaceutical Supply Chains; the cost cutting pressure and creation of a new supply chain to contend with bio-terrorism.
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Ready to Use Stoppers: A Novel Outsourcing Alternative
by Douglas Stockdale, Robert S. Nase
This article discusses evaluating and implementation of alternative manufacturing processes and capabilities to resolve capacity constraints.
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Design for Success: Secondary Packaging and Labeling
by Nancy St. Laurent
This article focuses on the components and the equipment for secondary packaging.
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Merging Environmental
by Joseph E.L. Rogers
Total cost assessment methodology provides a standardized approach to identifying costs and benefits associated with environmental, health, and safety issues.
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Baseline® Pharmaceutical Engineering Guide Series Update: A preview of Packaging and Warehousing (Draft)
This article reviews the current status of the Baseline® Pharmaceutical Engineering Guides and includes a preview of the Packaging and Warehousing Guide.
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A Study of Upper-Extremity Myoelectric Prosthetics and Their External Power Sources
by Chris Moseley
This article is a short introduction to upper-extremity myoelectric prosthetics.
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Twenty Years of Experience in Powder Transfer Technology: Docking Stations
by , Willy J. Lhoest
This article presents the latest generation of docking stations which resolve the issue of powder transfer, under perfect GMP conditions, between clean production rooms and less clean technical areas.
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How to Develop and Implement a Quick Changeover Program
by John R. Henry
This article discusses ways to reduce changeover time and increase line runtime in packaging lines; this can apply generally to all other areas of manufacturing as well.
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Ensuring Measurement Integrity in Validation of Thermal Processes
by Ran Bringert
This article examines the theoretical and practical aspects of how to achieve and maintain high accuracy temperature measurements in conjunction with thermal validation of sterilization processes.
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