May/June 2002 Volume 22, Number 3



Containment Considerations
by James P. Wood
This article highlights key elements to consider in approaching the containment of pharmaceutical operations.
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Silicone Use: The Next Generation
by Stephen Warburton-Pitt
This article highlights advancements in the use of silicone rubber, explores current approaches, and presents changes in silicone rubber connection.
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Quantitative Economic Evaluation of Single Use Disposables in Bioprocessing
by Andrew Sinclair, Miriam Monge
Economic evaluation of single use disposables compared to stainless steel vessels in the manufacture of a therapeutic protein.
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What is Biotechnology?
by Jeffery N. Odum
A basic definition of biotechnology and the operations required for manufacturing biologics.
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Development of Biotechnology Curriculum for the Biomanufacturing Industry
by Robert L. McKown, George L. Coffman
This article describes the development of a curriculum in a hands-on biomanufacturing laboratory.
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Requirements for Process Validation of Biotech Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
by Reiner Kirrstetter
This article outlines the scope of process validation for biotech Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).
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Guidelines for Assessing the Particulate Containment Performance of Pharmaceutical Equipment
by Paul Gurney-Read, Martin Koch
History and content of draft guideline for containment testing of pharmaceutical equipment, expected to be published late 2002
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Baseline® Pharmaceutical Engineering Guide Series: Biopharmaceuticals Outline
This article provides a high-level overview of the current content and structure of the Biopharmaceuticals Baseline® Guide, which is the sixth volume in the Baseline® Guide series.
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Biotech Glossary of Terms
by Jeffery N. Odum
Biotech Glossary of Terms: The terms given in this article are specific to their application in biotechnology.
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