November/December 2001 Volume 21, Number 6



Reducing Energy Costs in a Central Utility System through Optimization: Impact for a Pharmaceutical Company
by Eric Unrau, John Havener
This article describes how optimization software can reduce energy costs and continually improve efficiency of a central utility system.
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Compliance of Pharmaceutical R&D Facilities with the Updated ASHRAE Energy Standard
by Mark Maguire
This article identifies the impact of the revised ASHRAE energy code on pharmaceutical facilities.
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Improving Performance and Reducing Cycle Time Using Flow Path Management: A Case Study
by Glenn Gerecke, Tom Knight
This case study summarizes the philosophies, organizational changes, and information systems that DuPont Pharmaceutical Company and SAK Logistics implemented to achieve manufacturing excellence.
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Material of Construction for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Processing: Moving into the 21st Century
by James Fleming, John Imbalzano, David Kemkes, David DeVoe, Lewis Crenshaw
This article compares the material of science of the current materials of construction - stainless steel and glass - with that of the increasingly adopted material - fluoropolymers, as well as the biochemical and microbiological impact on such materials.
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A brief history of the GAMP forum
by Gail Evans
A brief history of the GAMP forum.
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Business Considerations in Building a Computer System Validation Quality Assurance Infrastructure
by Bob Carrier
This paper presents guidance regarding considerations and approaches relevant to building a computerized systems validation infrastructure tailored to a start-up company engaging in GMP-compliant drug manufacture.
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Statistical Methods for Analysis of Content Uniformity Results During Process Development
by Ed Carey, Joe Leonard, James Reilly
This article uses a series of different statistical methods to analyze content uniformity results.
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Pharmaceutical Purified Water Storage and Distribution Systems - an Engineering Prospective
by Leonid Shnayder
This article describes common practices related to the design of purified water storage and distribution systems.
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