May/June 2005 Volume 25, Number 3



Implementing PAT Step by Step as a Process Optimization Tool
by Connie Langberg Heinzeand Jan Ruud Hansen
This article provides a straightforward step by step approach for gradually implementing PAT in existing manufacturing processes.
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In-Line Non-Contact Check-Weighing (NCCW) with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Presents New Opportunities and Challenges in Process Control
by Jos Corver, Gisela Guthausen, Andreas Kamlowski
This article presents a novel check-weighing technique which measures the mass contents of each individual container using NMR.
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Reaping the Long-Term Benefits of Integrating Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) into Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
by Vivek Bapat, Glenn Restivo
This article presents a strategic approach to implementing RFID technology to ensure greater consumer safety.
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Equipment Cleaning in Clinical Trial Material Manufacturing and Packaging
by Matthew Gerber, Deborah Perona, Lisa Ray
This article discusses cleaning validation vs. cleaning verification in addition to listing the minimum requirements needed prior to performing equipment cleaning processes in Clinical Trial (CT) Manufacturing and Packaging.
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Inert Milling Systems
by Ruby Jacobson
This article discusses the reasons for inerting a mill, what methods to employ to determine if a product is explosive, and the various factors used to define explosibility. It compares inerting to other protection strategies and concludes with a review of the different inerting methods.
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Features and Possibilities of a Modern Multiple-Effect Water Still
by Mika P, Juha Mattila, Teppo Nurminen
This article presents the features and possibilities of a modern Multiple-Effect Water Still (MWS).
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Plant Reliability of an Off-Gas/Liquid Waste Incinerator
by M. Giovinazzi, G. Iaquaniello, B. Manduca
This article discusses a survey performed at an Italian pharmaceutical facility, which considers the thermal treatment of off-gas and liquid waste.
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2005 Facility of the Year Winner: NovoSeven® Manufacturing Facility
Novo Nordisk NovoSeven® Manufacturing Facility Employs Groundbreaking Modular Design
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