September/October 2001 Volume 21, Number 5



Biotech Manufacturing: Is the Crisis Real?
by Jeffery Odum
This study focuses on development of models to evaluate a predicted manufacturing short fall.
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Comparison of High Purity Water for Microelectronic and Biopharmaceutical Facilities
by Ralph Williams, Andrew Baird, Kirsten Sommer
This article presents the major regulatory design, operational, and economic differences between high purity waters employed in biopharmaceutical production and in microelectronics fabrication
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Cutting Energy Costs with Laboratory Workstation Fume Hood Exhaust
by Paul Tetley
This article illustrates how a pharmaceutical research firm reduces costs for heating conditioned makeup air by 30% or more for thousands of dollars in annual savings.
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Modularization in Biopharmaceuticals
by William P. Lefebvre
A guide to off-site prefabrication and modular construction in the Biopharmaceutical Industry.
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Specification and Calibration Requirements for Industrial Scales in Pharmaceutical Applications
by Yefim Gudesblat
This article addresses theory and standards related to scale tolerances and calibration limits in a step-by-step infrastructure format.
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Stainless Steel Tubing in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
by Michelle M. Gonzalez
This article describes stainless steel types and their chemistry, tubing/piping fabrication standards, and fabrication procedures. It also addresses compliance with biotechnology and pharmaceutical standards, codes, and guides, as well as surface characterization, electropolishing, joining techniques, passivation, measurement, and Cr/Fe ratios, corrosion types, and guidelines for hygienic systems.
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