May/June 2006 Volume 26, Number 3



Primer of Design and Construction Delivery Methods for Today’s Modern Pharmaceutical and Biotech Facilities
by Brian Sirbovan, Dave DiProspero, Brian Larson
This article presents four common project delivery methods and discusses the significant features of each approach.
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Achieving Faster Project Delivery – More Haste
by Gordon R. Lawrence
This article discusses how implementing proven Best Practices can help get products to market quickly and more competitively.
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Capital Costs for Biopharmaceutical Process Retrofit Projects
by Stephen R. Higham
This article presents cost data and analysis from several recent large process retrofit projects inside an active manufacturing plant. It also provides cost data for several types of process equipment and digital fieldbus DCS systems. It compares retrofit costs with greenfield construction costs.
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Efficient Qualification: A Holistic Approach to Effective Project Execution
by Anna K, Gordon Leichter
This article addresses an innovative development in project delivery that utilizes a risk-based integrated qualification approach based upon the effectiveness of off-site construction.
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Interview with Ron Branning, Vice President, Commercial Quality, Genentech

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2006 Facility of the Year Winner: A Look at Baxter BioPharma Solutions Cutting-Edge Facility
by Rochelle Runas

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Country Profile: Turkey - May/June 2006

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Site Master Planning
by Richard Larkin
This article presents a methodology for the delivery of a Site Master Plan (SMP) for a pharmaceutical facility. It describes a three step execution and presents a list of issues that appear regularly during the development phase.
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PCC Supplement
by Jerry Roth, Russ Somma, Sandra Greenberg, Alexander P. Demos
This article describes the credential development process utilized by the ISPE-PCC and the results obtained from the CPIP TM international practice analysis.
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New Products and Literature

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Industry and People

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ISPE Update

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Classified Advertising

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