ISPE Glossary of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Terminology

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The separation of the two members of a chromosome pair from each other at meiosis; the result is seen as the separation of alleles from each other in the gametes of heterozygotes; the occurrence of different phenotypes among offspring, resulting from chromosome or allele separation in their heterozygous parents. Mendel's first principle of inheritance (the Law of Segregation) predicts that heterozygotes will produce equal numbers of gametes containing each allele.

Publication Source: Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Publication Date: 1999


The provision of facilities which, although dedicated to a particular use, can be within the same building as other operations. A fully segregated area within a common building is one where there is a continuous floor-to-roof wall (a floor-to-ceiling, non-segregated roof space, is not acceptable). The wall should be sealed at all break points where common services breach the wall.

Publication Source: ISPE Baseline® Guide, Vol. 7: Risk-Based Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products (Risk-MaPP)

Publication Date: 2010

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