Massimo Mannini

  PhotoMassimo Mannini started his career in 1988 working as Formulation Supervisor in Blood Fractionation Plant, secondary operations; he quickly covered higher responsibilities in Pharma company taking the position of Head of Aseptic Operations in Rosia Site during Chiron site Ownership.

Massimo took the role for 10 year bringing the Aseptic Operations to a 3x7 operational in a complex Aseptic organization with more than 6 filling units during Pandemic in 2009 and then covered several roles in Global Secondary Technology during Novartis time.

He gained strong expertise in transferring products and tech troubleshooting in foreign Countries (Saudi, China, US, South America) and now is taking care of New Product introduction in Rosia Site under GSK (including starting up a new Sterile operation facility with 2 high speed isolator filling lines).