Line Lundsberg-Nielsen

  PhotoDr Line Lundsberg-Nielsen is a QbD & PAT Senior Specialist at NNE Pharmaplan and holds a Ph.D. in NIR spectroscopy. She has many years of experience within the pharmaceutical Industry and has a theoretical as well as practical approach to QbD and PAT from working at Novo Nordisk and Lundbeck before being a consultant. Line is involved from strategy development to practical implementation projects such as implementing PAT solutions, QbD for new and legacy products, Science and Risk based Verification, modern approach to Process Validation and development and implementation of advanced Control Strategies. She was one of the pioneers in establishing regional PAT COPs (Nordic and UK/Ireland) and today she chairs the ISPE PQLI Control Strategy team and is one of the authors of the new Good Practice Guide on Product Realization using Quality by Design.