Rebecca Brewer

  PhotoRebecca Brewer has more than 18 years experience in validation and compliance within the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device industries. She joined Dober Group as Director, Consultancy Services, Validation and GMP Compliance in order to provide Dober’s cleaning chemical customers with cleaning validation consultation and general compliance and validation assistance. Prior to joining Dober, Becky was a senior consultant with Raytheon Engineers & Constructors’ Validation Services Department (now Washington Group). As a consultant, Becky has had the opportunity to audit, develop and provide training in validation and compliance programs for a large variety of companies and products. Becky’s work in cleaning validation has led to the development of procedures and policies in some of the most challenging environments, including: potent compound facilities, isolation suites, research and development, contract manufacturers and suppliers. Becky is the instructor for the ISPE Cleaning Validation Course and is a frequent instructor for University of Wisconsin, IVT and Barnett. Prior to joining Raytheon, Becky worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb in New Brunswick, New Jersey where she participated in the development of their cleaning validation program, supervised the validation microbiology laboratory and conducted computer system validation, among other activities. Becky has specific expertise in cleanroom design and construction, aseptic processing, isolation technology, cleaning and sterilization.