Dan Milholland

Dan C. Milholland has extensive experience in filter testing and cleanroom contamination control in the semiconductor, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries. He completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies at North Carolina State University where he was awarded a Master's degree in biochemistry. Milholland began in the air filtration business in the mid-1970's as a service manager for a company that sold air filters. That experience was the springboard for founding Biocon in November 1980. He has served on various IEST Working groups for over 30 years. Dan was a member of the IEST Working Group 100 for the revision of Federal Standard 209D and served as US Expert Council for ISO 14644. Dan has served as the lead instructor for "Testing HEPA Filters in Cleanrooms" for the Eagleson Institute, Sanford, Maine since 1992. Dan Milholland... • awarded the IES Maurice Simpson Technical Editors Award in 1994 and the IEST Willis J. Whitfield Award in April 2002 • consulted at NASA for Mars samples containment design • served on the Expert Council for United States for ISO 14644-1 • presented to the FDA for the "Barrier Users Group Symposium" Since selling his company in 1999, Dan has remained active as a consultant in the contamination control industry.