Edward Connolly

  PhotoEd Connolly is the Chief Operating Officer at Pharmalucence, Inc. located in Billerica, MA. He has been at Pharmalucence since December 1997. Ed’s responsibilities include General Operations, Plant Engineering/Validation, Pharmaceutical Development and Contract Services Management. He has over 25 years experience in small volume parenteral product development/ technology transfer and manufacturing. Prior to joining Pharmalucence, Ed spent 18 years at the DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company in Billerica, MA where he held various positions within the Research and Development Group. Ed received his BS in Biology (1979) from Westfield Sate College and a Certificate of Special Studies in Business Management and Administration (1985) from Harvard University. Ed is a long time member of both the PDA and ISPE and serves on the ISPE Sterile Products Processing COP Steering Committee.