Reinhard Hanselka

  PhotoReinhard Hanselka is a Consultant on issues of Hazardous Materials and Building Codes to numerous cities, jurisdictions and industry. He is an instructor and consultant to University of California/Foothill College in the areas of toxic gas piping, process piping, high purity piping and high purity water production. He is a lecturer on subjects related to codes, piping and materials of construction as well as being a frequent speaker on hazardous materials, toxic gases, fire and building codes. He is also a consultant to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and an instructor for ASME – BPE. Previously, Hanselka has served as director to Integrated Engineering Services, Inc., director of e/distance learning program, TTI Inc. and director of training, Pipe Trades Training Center, San Jose. He has also served as fire protection manager/hazmat chief, Palo Alto Fire Department, and committee chair, Northern California Fire Chiefs Building Standards. Hanselka was president and CEO of Advanced Industrial Designs Inc. for 20 years. Before that he held the positions of field chemical engineer, GF Plastic Systems Inc., plant engineer, Kingsford/Clorox Co., vice president/principal engineer, Big Arrow Water Treatment Co., chemical engineer, Reimers.Bankim – IBM project manager. Hanselka holds a BS in chemistry and chemical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MS from Penn State University. He is a Registered Environmental Assessor, State of California and founding Member of ISPE’s San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. He is certified with the International Association of Chemical Engineers and is a full Member National Association of Corrosion Engineers. Hanselka is a Representative NFPA 1 National Fire Code, holds several US and international patents and is author and frequent lecturer on subjects of materials and ultra pure systems.