Cristina Testoni

  PhotoCristina Testoni is an active member of ISPE. Beginning her working pharmaceutical career in USA in 1996 where she held the position of sales manager for the representative of sterilization & water treatment equipment. After an experience of Global Pharma Commercial Director, today, she is part of SKAN AG Group, a well known worldwide leader in high end aseptic technology and clean room solution to the pharmaceutical market. Part of the group is a Belgium “Aseptic Technologies” ( that develops, patents, manufactures aseptic filling operations with the concept of the Crystal® Closed Vial Technology. This technology has been extended to applications in lyophilisation, cytotoxic and biohazard processing. SKAN is also the main share holder of an Italian company called “Pharma Integration”. Located inside the "Toscana Life Science" center of Siena in Tuscany. Pharma Integration develops the new generation of fully robotized automatic pharmaceutical process based on flexible solutions integrated with isolation technology. Contact info: US cell: 480 285 8200 Italian cell: + 39 324 777 2320 email: