Paul Skerker

Paul Skerker is currently the Director of Investigational Supply Operations at Millennium Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, MA. At Millennium, Skerker’s group is responsible for working with clinical operations to determine supply requirements for all clinical programs. His group also interfaces with the CMC group to ensure that API and DP are manufactured to support the clinical plans and has direct responsibility for labeling, packaging and distribution throughout the world. Skerker has been actively involved in setting up improved forecasting tools and developing their interface to IVR systems to allow for improved tracking of supplies at Millennium. Prior to heading the supply operations group he was responsible for all aspects of assay development, high throughput screening, compound library management, and data management for the Millennium research organization. Skerker received his Ph.D. from Cornell University in Chemical Engineering and has spent his career working for biotech companies having positions in both research and development.