Nigel Lenegan

  PhotoNigel has worked in the building services sector for over 25 years. He has a first class honours degree in Building Services Engineering and is a Chartered Engineer and full member of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers and is also an accredited low carbon consultant and ISO50001 – Lead Auditor. In 2006 whilst at AstraZeneca, he realised the Pharmaceutical sector was facing a number of challenges on energy use, carbon emissions and corporate social responsibility and in response he co-founded the Global Sustainable Facilities CoP for the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers. In 2008 he set up Energy & Carbon Reduction Solutions, a specialist demand and supply side energy audit & optimisation, HVAC technical support and validation support consultancy for complex facilities within the Pharmaceutical, Higher Education and Healthcare sectors. His work with AstraZeneca and GSK on ground breaking experiments on airflow velocity and air-change reduction in sterile manufacturing and involvement in other similar experiments around the world alongside experience with life science Universities and Healthcare Pharmacies has led to a new era of low energy cleanroom and laboratory operation and design. In 2010 his developing reputation and contacts led him to become involved in the British Standards technical committee - LBI/030/0-/02 (BS8568) Energy management of cleanrooms published in 2013. He is also part of a global team of subject matter experts for cleanroom HVAC design, validation, operation and energy reduction and regularly contributes to blogs and delivers lectures and training on the subject. His work also includes contributions to technical papers and was also involved in co-authoring a book on Pharmaceutical cleanroom energy management.