Armen Nahabedian

  PhotoArmen Nahabedian joined Pfizer as part of the Wyeth acquisition in 2009. He has twenty-five years experience in biotech equipment and facilities startup and qualification starting his career at Genetics Institute, which was subsequently bought by Wyeth. From 1988 to 2002, he lead the validation activities at the Andover, Massachusetts biotech facility having planned and executed many capitol expansions and product changeovers at the rapidly expanding site and successfully presented the site validation program during numerous pre-approval and routine boards of health inspections. In 2002, Nahabedian joined the Wyeth Biotech Operations Network supporting global capitol projects in qualification as well as establishing the Wyeth Biotech Community of Practice Program and leading the Wyeth Biotech Validation CoP with emphasis on cleaning and sterilization. Most recently, Nahabedian was leading the Wyeth wide Validation Standards program that included ASTM-2500 verification awareness and training for Wyeth. He will support continued roll out of the Pfizer Verification Program. Nahabedian lives in Hampstead, NH. In his spare time, Nahabedian is an avid ice hockey player and still has all of his original teeth.