Claudio Pincus

  PhotoClaudio Pincus is Founder and President of The Quantic Group, Ltd., a consulting firm that provides strategies for and implementation of technical, regulatory compliance and quality programs for the pharmaceutical, vaccine, biotechnology, chemical and medical device industries. Claudio has developed and directed major initiatives including consulting and certification for FDA Consent Decrees; global manufacturing and sourcing strategies; merger integration; quality systems deployments; organization design; and reengineering of development, quality and manufacturing activities. Recently, he was the leader on a “Study of Alternatives” for the introduction of Bioterrorism Vaccines directly for the White House. Prior to founding Quantic 25 years ago, Claudio was the VP of Operations at Davy McKee Engineering & Construction. He has a MS in Engineering from Georgia Tech, where he attended as a Fullbright Scholar. He completed his BS in engineering at The Catholic University of Chile.