Veronica Cruz

  PhotoDr. Cruz holds a Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Organic Chemistry from University of Puerto Rico. She holds several professional certifications including ASQ, Kepner-Trigo Instructor, Smith-Tuck Executive Leadership program. During her career she has held escalating management positions at several leading pharmaceutical companies in Technical Operations and Quality. In J&J she has held various positions in the Pharmaceutical and Consumer sectors. Her most recent role in JnJ was as VP, Quality & Compliance and Board member of McNeil Consumer Healthcare. In that role Dr. Cruz provided leadership and direction to McNeil for the successful execution of their Consent Decree during her tenure. Currently, as Vice President, Quality & Compliance in JnJ she partners with JnJ companies to enhance their quality strategies and compliance programs. Dr. Cruz is active in various industry forums and within JnJ is sponsor of Employee Diversity Groups and Quality leadership programs.