Patrice Coumet

  PhotoPatrice Coumet works as Pharmacist Expert for Technip Life Sciences, France. He has 27 years’ experience in different production positions, including manufacturing, QC, QA, technical services and galenical development. Patrice has worked in pharmaceutical engineering and development, designing, installing and implementing new processes and workshops. Examples include Ampouls (Infusion Bags), BFS (Prefilled Syringes, Clean Utilities). Patrice has also consulted companies such as LFB, Merck Serono, MSD, Genzyme, Boehringer Ingelheim, Vetoquinol, UCB, GSK Bio, and IRE and Sanofi-Aventis in developing conceptual steps to create layouts and ensure layout cGMP compliance, QA, Validation and Operations. He has degrees of Industrial Pharmacist and DEA Biopharmacy & Galenical Research from the School of Pharmacy in Paris XI University.