Olivier Cochet

  PhotoOlivier Cochet holds a PhD in Pharmacology, with a specialisation in immunology. During his academic career at the MRC (Cambridge, UK), at INSERM and at the Institut Curie (Paris, France), he worked on technologies to generate recombinant monoclonal antibodies. He then worked as Project Leader and Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Director at ExonHit Therapeutics (Paris) for seven years where he was managing the DNA microarray Group for the identification of diseases linked to changes in alternative splicing mechanisms. Olivier joined the Pierre-Fabre group in 2005 as Director of Industrial Biotechnology in St Julien en Genevois. He currently manages teams in charge of industrial development for biomolecules issued from internal research as well as industrial production of clinical-grade biologics. He also coordinates the construction of a facility dedicated to GMP production of monoclonal antibodies.