Gilad Langer

  PhotoI am an accomplished business leader with broad technical knowledge and strategic perspective. 25+ years of experience from different roles in complex engineering projects including project management, implementation, team building, strategy development, research, and support of mission critical operations. My experience spans a multitude of domains including: - Manufacturing business systems (i.e. manufacturing execution systems, manufacturing intelligence, quality management systems, etc.) and interoperability with both automation and enterprise systems. This is from a variety of industries, specifically Life Sciences. - All aspects of product and services strategy, management and sales using both traditional and new approaches including social media. - Industrial and academic research by way of a doctorate degree focused on adopting the characteristics of social systems in software architectures for manufacturing systems. I am also a transformational leader with strong interpersonal skills. I believe in using mentoring and relationship building in a participative style, an approach I developed through career experiences in different types of organizations. I have recognized ability to provide strategic direction and business oriented analysis in a communicative, authentic, and charismatic style. I thrive in a dynamic and challenging position. Specialties: Manufacturing Systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Quality Management Systems, Manufacturing Intelligence, Manufacturing Quality, Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Operation, Software Modeling, Software Development, Product Strategy, Product Management, Product Marketing, Business Analysis, Strategic Planning, Business Intelligence, Business Process Interoperability, Pragmatic Marketing, Agile Management, Team Building.