Kumar Dhanasekharan

Kumar Dhanasekharan, PhD is a principal scientist-engineer at Genzyme Corporation. His role spans upstream and downstream processing in the capacity of providing bioprocess engineering expertise such as bioprocess characterization, modeling (CFD), new platform technologies, technical leadership in continuous process improvement initiatives, process innovations etc. Dhanasekharan currently leads a QbD initiative within Genzyme. Prior to joining Genzyme, he worked in small-molecule process development research at Bend Research Inc., Bend, OR. Prior to that, Dhanasekharan was consulting group leader at Fluent Inc. (Now Ansys Inc.) with focus on biologics and pharmaceutical process development. Kumar has a PhD in Food Science from Rutgers University and a Bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India. He has over fifty conference presentations and over ten peer-reviewed publications in top journals.