Gary Primes

  PhotoGary Primes is currently the Vice President of Operations at PURE Bioscience, located in San Diego county, California, and has thirty years of broad-based experience with the manufacturing and distribution of consumer, nutraceutical, and biotech products. He has held multiple Vice President of Operations positions as well as those of CIO, General Manager, Manager of Purchasing & Data Processing, Consultant and others. While working in small to medium-sized environments, Gary has worked in every department, except accounting (by choice), in companies whose primary functions have ranged from Pharma/Biotech manufacturing, to wholesale-distribution/service-merchandising, and financial services. In addition, he has served in multiple industry organizations and is the 2011-2013 Chair of the Operations Management COP with ISPE. Gary has been listed in multiple Who’s Who editions, and co-wrote the forward to The Pathway to Operational Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Overcoming the internal inertia. Gary is a fan of W. Edwards Deming and Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints.