Ekta Mahajan

Ekta holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET) in Punjab, India and a MS in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University. In her 10+ years of research and manufacturing experience in biotechnology, vaccines and pharmaceuticals, she has lead projects in a wide range of areas, both upstream and downstream, including commercial manufacturing support, process development, and new technology evaluation. She began her career at Merck, where she led both an HPV process improvement project focused on TFF and chromatography unit operations and an Avermectin manufacturing holistic cost reduction project. In her role at Genentech, Ekta has led several projects including the Multiproduct ProA resin reuse project, 3 Column Periodic Continuous Chromatography (3CPCC), Upstream Team Leader (UTL) for Disposables, Small Volume Addition project and is currently leading a project to develop a fully disposable manufacturing process concept for fast, flexible and cost-effective production of antibodies. Ekta also has numerous conference presentations and scientific papers to her credit.