Todd Talarico

  PhotoTodd Talarico is Vice President of Manufacturing for Medicago and oversees the US and Canadian development and manufacturing operations. He has been responsible for Medicago-USA’s completion of an aggressive design-build project resulting in rapid construction and deployment of a facility designed to produce more than 10 million doses (in 30 days) of H1N1 vaccine expressed in and purified from tobacco plants. Todd received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Penn State and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from NC State. He did postdoctoral work at Burroughs Wellcome studying protein translocation and purification. Todd was the Director of Product Development at Apex Bioscience where he was responsible for a team that brought a PEGylated hemoglobin molecule from development to Phase III clinical trials. He began working in the vaccine field with AlphaVax where he was a Senior Director responsible for development and process scale up of a virus replicon particle vaccine. While at AlphaVax, he was part of the team that delivered vaccines for colon/prostate cancer (CEA and PSMA), Her-2, Flu, CMV and HIV into clinical trials.