James Schweitzer

Jim Schweitzer is the Director of Commercial Technology Services for Vision Point Systems, Inc., located in Blacksburg, VA. Jim is responsible for Technical Design, Project Management, Business Analysis, and the Sales and Marketing of Software and Communications Technology consulting projects for VPS, and has specialized in projects for pharmaceutical customers since 2003. Jim studied Cognitive Science and Economics at the University of Virginia and earned his MBA from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. For eight years, while at Vision Point Systems, Jim served as the Interactive Voice Response System Technical Lead for Celgene Corporation and their STEPS and RevAssist Risk Management programs. These systems served as the model for what is now known as “Elements to Assure Safe Use” under the FDA’s REMS program. Jim helped ensure all risk management inquiries were properly recorded and routed to Celgene’s Customer Care, Medical Information and Drug Safety departments appropriately. Jim is currently leading the ground-up development of a "cloud based" Clinical Trial Randomization IRT system - OmniRand.