Brad Cochran

Brad Cochran is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado and has nearly 20 years of experience conducting wind-tunnel and mathematical modeling studies related to laboratory exhaust design. Brad is active in ASHRAE and is currently serving as the lead author of Chapter 9, Exhaust Stack Design, in the upcoming latest edition of the ASHRAE Laboratory Design Guide. He is a voting member of TC9.10 Laboratory Systems. Brad also served on the AMCA Induced Flow Fan CRP Committee that developed AMCA Standard 260-07, "Laboratory Methods of Testing Induced Flow Fans for Rating." During the past decade, Brad has focused on defining new design techniques to minimize the energy requirements for laboratory exhaust stacks. In 2005 Brad developed the first laboratory exhaust system that utilized local wind data to minimize exhaust fan horsepower requirements, and in 2008 introduced the concept of monitoring chemical constituents within the exhaust manifold to reduce volume flow rates when the exhaust is essentially “clean”. Both of these techniques are either in use or under development in laboratories across the country. He has authored and presented several papers on the subject of energy efficient laboratory exhaust design for ASHRAE, Labs 21, R&D Magazine, Lab Manager, LabWize, IFMA, AMCA, and AWMA. Brad was selected to win the GO BEYOND award from the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories. The award is designed to recognize an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in creating and maintaining sustainable high-performance facilities.