Yao Zhao

  PhotoDr. Yao Zhao is an associate professor in the department of Supply Chain Management and Market Sciences at Rutgers – the State University of New Jersey. He is a faculty fellow at Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management and the Lerner Center for Pharmaceutical Management Studies at Rutgers. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. Dr. Zhao’s research on the pharmaceutical industry lies in brand drug distribution and pricing, and clinical supply management. He has published papers in leading journals in supply chain management like Operations Research, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, and Production & Operations Management. In 2008, he received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award on the integration of supply chain and project management. Dr. Zhao has collaborated with Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Verizon, MTA, Estee Launder, and General Motors in the areas of forecasting and inventory management.