Roy Sturgeon

Dr. Sturgeon, President, Lachman Consultant Services, Inc. (Lachman) heads the Compliance Practice and has responsibility for Regulatory Affairs, Science and Technology, Compliance and Corporate Affairs. With over 35 years of experience in the Global Pharmaceutical Industry he was most recently Senior Vice President, Global Technology for Wyeth Laboratories (now part of Pfizer, Inc.). Prior to Wyeth he was Vice President Global Quality Control for Warner Lambert (now part of Pfizer, Inc.) and prior to that was a senior executive at Merck & Co., Inc. in areas including Head of Pharmaceutical Quality, Manufacturing Technical Services, Analytical Technical Services and Operations. Dr. Sturgeon also served as a Senior Research Scientist in product development with American Hospital Supply Corporation. Prior to industry he held academic appointments at three major Universities teaching courses in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry. He served on 23 and chaired 8 Pharmaceutical Research Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) committees and has served as an expert for US Senate and House Committees. Dr. Sturgeon holds a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences/Analytical Chemistry (summa cum laude), a BS in Pharmacy (with honors) and an AA degree in Chemistry from the University of Florida. He also has a CBE degree in Management from Northeastern University.