George Cadwell

  PhotoGeorge Cadwell BSME Worcester Polytechnic Institute w/Distinction, 1960 Flanders Filters, Engineer 1965 – 1969, Vice President 1969 thru 1988. Active in scan testing of HEPA filters and HEPA filter housings, developer of fluid seals and ULPA filters, molded filter elements. AACC (American Association for Contamination Control) Committees CS 1, CS 4 and CS 6, HEPA Filters, Laminar Flow Devices and Clean Rooms IES (Institute of Environmental Sciences) Committees RP 1, RP 4, RP 6 and RP 7 (ULPA Filters), Chairman IES Vice President, Finance, 1987 Harvard School of Public Health, Guest Lecturer, Short Course on Clean Rooms 1986 and 1987 Various magazine and trade journal articles 1970 to 1985 Study of sub 0.1 micron size particles in U.S. Semi-conductor Fabs, mid 1980’s Chapter in Bill Whyte’s, Clean Room Technology, 1st Edition circa 1987 Nitta Industries/JR3 Corp Business consultant 1988 to 1993 Specialty Testing Services, Validator of Clean Rooms, 1993 to present Certifier of Chem-Bio systems at U.S. embassies.