Florian Staeudle

  PhotoDr. Florian Staeudle is currently the Project Manager for Pharmaceutical Industry Consulting at Uhlmann VisioTec, Germany. He graduated in Pharmaceutics in 1997 at the University of Wuerzburg with an additional degree in Pharmaceutical Analysis. In 2002 he acquired his Ph.D. of Natural Sciences in the field of Pharmaceutics, focusing on Analytics and Chemometrics. After that he worked as tutor and thought instrument-based pharmaceutical analytics. He is also a state-certified and licensed pharmacist. Since joining Uhlmann VisioTec his background and experience as pharmacist supported the targeted development and advancement of inline spectral systems (e.g. NIR) which are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing for process monitoring and product control. He is advocating analytical inline monitoring to support the industry to better understand processes, thus improving final quality. Dr. Staeudle is also a member of an expert team working on an EU funded project which researches and develops applications promoting continuous production in Pharma.