Samantha Carmichael

  PhotoSamantha Carmichael has many years experience as a pharmacist, having spent time in many different areas of pharmacy, including hospital pharmacy and within the private sector working for a large international pharmaceutical company. She is currently the Lead Pharmacist for Clinical Trials and Research & Development within NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde where she is also one of the Lead Sponsor Representatives when they act as a non-commercial sponsor of studies She manages a team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who deliver on studies sponsored by NHS GGC or co-sponsored with the University of Glasgow, as well as hosting around 400 CTIMPs across all phases and therapeutic areas. She has practised as a clinical pharmacist in the areas of oncology, critical care and anaesthetics. As well as her Pharmacy degree from the University of Strathclyde, she received an MSc in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Glasgow and a PhD in Population Pharmacokinetics, from the University of Edinburgh. Samantha sits on an international site panel with the objective of improving site experiences of clinical trials, as well as the IP COP Steering Group for ISPE Europe.