Krishna Mudan

Krishna Mudan, Ph.D has over three decades of experience conducting wide-range of risk management studies worldwide. Was a Risk Advisory Partner at KPMG in New York, with specific responsibility for developing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) methodology and was a Principal at the Economic Consulting Services. Was part owner/Managing Director of a boutique risk management consulting company for 10 years, with operations in the US, London, Hong Kong, Milan & Singapore. Has significant experience in scenario planning and long range forecasting. Has been active in event modeling, Corporate Risk Management, Supply Chain Risk Management, financial liabilities associated with M&A, country risk assessment, operation risk, insurance restructuring and risk based economic valuations. Has publications, given invited lectures, and has taught short courses on risk management, crisis management, business continuity and scenario assessment. Currently editing a special issue of International Journal of Risk Management and developing a Risk Management and Policy Assessment Program at GWU School of Management Sciences. Also a Senior Fellow at the GWU Homeland Security Policy Institute, addressing risk based budget allocation, business continuity/recovery and infrastructure risk management. [November 2012, AH]