Craig Kennedy

  PhotoCraig Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Merck Manufacturing Division, Merck & Co. Inc. has a proven track record of driving operations improvement in the manufacturing environment for the past 16 years. In his previous role as Vice President of North America and Consumer Care, he created a lean manufacturing culture that focused on sustained and improved outcomes in manufacturing by utilizing human capabilities in a concerted way. His prior Merck experience is broad and diverse encompassing plant management and direct manufacturing operations, change management functions, SAP implementation, Supply Chain and inventory management, capacity management and materials management. Before joining Merck in November 1996, he worked for a consulting firm, Professional Systems Development and performed project and consulting work in Computer Systems and Operations Improvement in Asia Pacific, Middle East Africa, Western and Eastern Europe and the US. Craig is a graduate of the University of Sydney, majoring in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics. Craig has lived and worked in many different countries and cultures around the world.