Vince Tappel

  PhotoVince Tappel, as the Lean+ Operations Director, currently leads Boeing Defense, Space & Security’s (BDS) Lean Core organization for Operations. His organization provides subject matter experts to help establish, guide and measure Strategic Lean Transformations. His organization promotes Certification training, and best practice sharing throughout Boeing, supports Early Program Involvement initiatives, and enhances BDS Lean+ training, and tools to be more effective. In 1997, Vince led an enterprise-wide Lean benchmark and assessment team. The team analyzed and assessed 16 companies, in the USA, Canada, England, Germany, France, and Brazil, operating lean production systems. Vince has participated on or led numerous enterprise-wide Lean manufacturing consultant teams for Military and Commercial aerospace programs. Vince started with Boeing in 1983. His previous Boeing and Non-Boeing experience includes: 10 years of management with Internal Audit; 3 years in Supplier Management & Procurement; 3 years in Requirements Inventory Management; 3 years managing logistics and maintenance operations, and 1 year managing a small fabrication facility.