Robin Payne

  PhotoRobin Payne is a Facilitator in BioPhorum’s Operations Group. His responsibilities include: co-ordinating discussions on hot topics in biotechnology, helping cross-industry teams improve compliance, work with regulators, and improve the supply base and the economics of operations. Robin is a Physicist whose career started in Advanced Materials and moved to Pharmaceuticals Development at Zeneca. He spent time in Product Strategy, developing Information Management Systems and was appointed as an IS Service Manager when AstraZeneca was founded. Robin became a Technology Projects Manager, leading the team that delivered the world’s first automated DNA archive. This role expanded to the management of AstraZeneca’s laboratory equipment in the UK. As a Change Manager in Operations Robin championed Lean and Six Sigma and managed the introduction of new products. After leaving AstraZeneca, he became the Operational Improvement Lead for Recipharm in the UK, introducing Lean, a project management framework and portfolio management.