Reni Gorman

Reni Gorman is the Senior Director of Strategic Engagements. Her strengths lie in analyzing business needs and consulting with key leaders to design strategies and deliver solutions that enable the firm’s talent to develop the qualities and behaviors needed to meet business goals. She has consulted with key leaders of Fortune 100 firms, one of whom described her as “uniquely linking learning and business.” Reni Gorman is a dynamic leader whose passion is contagious to colleagues and clients alike. She is a true believer in creating continual learning strategies for the impatient, busy professional of the 21st century. She has designed intelligent push/pull strategies and systems that deliver bite-sized knowledge objects through various delivery mechanisms such as e-Learning, mobile learning and performance support. Reni holds a graduate degree in Cognition and Intelligent Technologies from Columbia University Teachers College and an undergraduate degree in Communication from Rutgers University.