Joseph De Feo

  PhotoJoseph A. DeFeo, MBA, President and CEO of Juran Institute, Inc., is one of the world’s leading authorities on transformational change systems and breakthrough management principles. During his 25 years as a Juran Executive Coach, he has helped business leaders around the globe increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction through the deployment of process improvement programs, including Lean and Six Sigma, strategic planning and cultural transformation. He is co-author of Juran’s Quality Handbook 6th Edition; The Complete Guide to Performance Excellence, Six Sigma, Breakthrough and Beyond; and Quality, Planning & Analysis for Enterprise Results. DeFeo’s belief that a relentless customer focus and integrity drives business results was noted by “By re-focusing primary attention on the customer and on exceeding the customer’s expectations, the Juran Quality Handbook has done quality management a great service.” As CEO, DeFeo has ushered in a new age of quality at the Juran Institute by building on universal principles pioneered by Dr. Joseph Juran nearly 60 years ago. His technical expertise and trademark communication style have made him a frequent guest speaker and trainer at conferences in over 30 countries and several institutions, including MIT Sloan School of Management, Columbia University, Wharton School and New York University.