Sean Goudy

Dr. Sean T. Goudy is a Senior Technical Manager at Genentech at Genentech’s Hillsboro, OR facility. He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 14 years. He has had the opportunity to see many different facets of engineering. He started his career at Hoffmann-LaRoche in Nutley, New Jersey, but has also worked at Merck at one of Merck’s API facilities. Prior to coming to Genentech, Dr. Goudy work for Pfizer at Pfizer’s Kalamazoo, MI facility, where he supported the manufacture of over 100 SKU of parenteral products. After working at Pfizer for 8 years, Dr. Goudy relocated to Hillsboro, OR to work for Genentech. Dr. Goudy has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, a MS in Chemical Engineering, and a BS in Chemical Engineering. He is also a licensed professional engineer. Dr. Goudy’s area of expertise is aseptic processing. He has extensive knowledge of sterilization processes as well as extensive knowledge of decontamination and sterilization processes and technologies including the use of vapor phase hydrogen peroxide for decontamination of isolators. In addition to technical his expertise, Dr. Goudy has had the opportunity to present to different regulatory agencies, including FDA, and Dr. Goudy has presented on the topic of aseptic processing.